Case Studies

A brief glimpse at just some of our work

  • 3D Surveying all of Manchester Cathedral in just four days

    3D Laser Scanning was used to survey all of Manchester Cathedral in just four days. The resulting data is being used to help preserve this historic cathedral and during the installation of the new cathedral organ.

  • 3D Laser Scanning of Listed Building

    Scarborough Market Hall is a complex Grade II listed building. 3D Laser Scanning was used to create a digital 'as-built' model within a computer. This 3D model was used by the contractors and saved time and money in the refurbishment programme saving and increased accuracy of the historical records.

  • Cabot Circus Promotional Graphics Case Study

    Large promotional graphics designed, printed on various materials, supplied and installed at two shopping centre epicentres in only 48 hours.

  • Prototyping Packaging Case Study

    To create a mock up supermarket display showcasing a full range of healthy food products to be used in a pitch.  In just four hours!